Juxtapose, Arrange, Compare

2 - 11 Nov 1-7 pm
2 Nov 6-9 pm *reception

Shohei Takasaki is a painter /
sculptor based out of Portland,
USA. This is his first exhibit in
Japan in five years. Entitled
“Juxtapose, Arrange, Compare”,
this exhibit will feature around 20
new pieces during the 2017-2018
period. This is a result of Takasaki’s
exploration into new concepts
around the various contrasting
approaches to painting.


Central Blender

16 - 21 Oct 1-7 pm
15 Oct 6-9 pm *reception

A female photographer represen-
tative of Japan. She presents
her latest series of street snaps
in two mediums, Polaroid films
and movies. The movie is edited
using old equipment and Polaroid
film color in a new method that
differs from her previous works.

cooperation: @polaroidoriginals_jp


22 - 24 Sep 0-7 pm

recognized as a pioneer in the
European graffiti scene. In a new
collaboration Boris has teamed up
with the Nagasaki based pottery
brand MARUHIRO to create a
beautiful new set of ceramics. This
new series uses the concepts of
“Blue”,“White” and “Traditional” in
combination with traditional
painting and glazing techniques.


27 Apr - 6 May 1-7 pm

JOE CRUZ is an artist and
illustrator based in London,
presents his first ever
solo show in Asia.
The exhibition displayed over
100 of his original artworks and
oversized print works.
He turns low-tech materials to
something beautiful with his
hands on methods. It mostly
revolves around appropriation,
mark making and colour.