Keisuke Tada

Born in 1986 in Aichi, Japan, Keisuke Tada received both his BFA and MFA in oil painting from Aichi University of the Arts in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Fascinated by the sensory experiences offered by games and other virtual worlds, Tada creates paintings that explore the blurry boundary between reality and fiction. His series trace / dimen- sion looks like an assemblage of wooden boards, chains, and tiles; Heaven’s Door resembles an antique door that seems to have been attacked with an axe. Despite their appearance, all the works are made entirely out of paint. In Paintings of incomplete remains, the artist creates fabricated time by convincingly aging the surface of the canvas, which are likened to classical European paintings. It could be said that Tada, who investigates the conflict between “what exist and what doesn’t” through his unconventional use of paint, brings new dimension to the medium.

Selected Artworks


Rhizomed Material

Rhizomed Material

30 Sep–5 Nov 2023