1 Jul - 30 Jul

@ Gallery COMMON

Curated by AMADOUR

From July 1 to 30, 2023, Gallery COMMON is pleased to present SYNTH, a group exhibition curated by Los-Angeles based independent curator AMADOUR featuring Aaron Fowler, Alex Anderson, April Street, Devendra Banhart, Erin Desmond, and Sayre Gomez.
SYNTH brings together a group of dynamic artists who jointly explore and represent the diverse urbanscape of Los Angeles. This exhibition serves as a salutation to Tokyo, conveying Southern California's rich natural topography, urban visual culture, and cinematic romanticism through painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography.
Aaron Fowler creates large-scale works from discarded everyday items. A central motif within his works is the shoe, a symbol which holds great significance in the African-American and hip-hop culture that defines his identity. For this show, Fowler has created a pair of 2 meter long shoes in homage to the connection between hip-hop and Harajuku fashion, as well as a wall sculpture of an El Camino he discovered in the neighborhood. The sculptures were made out of car parts sourced directly in Tokyo, and are complemented by paintings of the Harajuku skyline, which Fowler painted from real life on a rooftop in the city.
Sayre Gomez and Erin Desmond’s works respond to these Harajuku cityscape paintings with their own works depicting LA scenery. Gomez’s works turn our gaze to the man-made aspects of LA, while in Desmond’s photographs, nude bodies arch over California sunsets and greenery, bringing us back to nature.
April Street’s works continue the dialogue in Desmond’s photographs, pulling us into fantastical jungles of brilliant flora that echo LA’s idyllic color palette. Alex Anderson’s works, on the other hand, reflect a perspective closer to Gomez’s; his ceramics, while lovely at first glance, betray a darker side upon further inspection, causing us to reflect on the glamorous yet shallow lifestyle that the metropolis enables. American-Venezuelan musician and artist Devendra Bahnart’s works complete the show with emotive, psychological portraits that paint a compelling picture of the relationship between society and us as individuals.
As two cities that share stereotypes of being idealized dreamlands of freedom and self-expression, Los Angeles and Harajuku share the unique characteristic of being prominent cultural muses. Many people continue to flock to both cities to find inspiration or pursue their dreams. Amidst the influx of outside influence and infrastructural change transforming both cities, it is more important than ever to reconsider what constitutes the core of these creative centers. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity to connect both cities through art while also reflecting on what makes them special.
"Synth" brings together a group of dynamic artists who jointly explore and represent the diverse urbanscape of Los Angeles. This exhibition serves as a salutation to Tokyo, conveying Southern California's rich natural topography, urban visual culture, and cinematic romanticism through painting, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. The artists presented include Alex Anderson, Devendra Banhart, Erin Desmond, Aaron Fowler, Sayre Gomez, and April Street, each living and working in the region.
As I organize "Synth," short for synthesis, I keep reflecting on how I made my way to Los Angeles, what the area symbolizes, and the city's affinities to Tokyo. At 18 years old, I moved from Sausalito, where I grew up, and arrived in Santa Monica not knowing anyone. A voracious reader, I devoured biographies on actors James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, and Dolores del Rio, and the allure of L.A. arose from my love of classic film. Every neighborhood holds some magic from the past, and I felt fortunate to immerse myself in an Old Hollywood fantasy.
While the entertainment industry is synonymous with Los Angeles, the city is distinctive because of its landscape, and collectively each artist celebrates this wealth of identities. Erin Desmond's photographs repeat a curved bodily form against a backdrop of saturated sunsets on the Pacific Ocean to weave in the semiotic experiences of women. Botanical elements in April Street's paintings depict fantastical twilight realms in her garden in Altadena. These spaces study local botany and the whimsical spectacle of the living world. Sayre Gomez's screenprints portray a single billboard, which projects a promising yet dystopian existence, representing constantly changing manmade scenery.
What I see most common between Tokyo and Los Angeles is the constant bustle, where tradition and the avant-garde merge, new ideas come to life, and dialogues flourish. From the lens of his worldly musical background, Devendra Banhart paints instinctive portraits to capture his subjects' idiosyncrasies. Aaron Fowler's multidisciplinary projects invite others to express their dreams and manifest desire; he also takes cues from rapper fashion iconography and interpolates logos and signifiers of prosperity. In response to Japanese animation and nature, Alex Anderson's ceramic pieces become allusive narratives to examine the need for human connection.
"Synth" is meant to share the yields of a vibrant group of American artists with the people of Japan to fuse cultures, build new and familiar insights, and find purpose as a unified society. This collection aims to bridge cultures because of a joint fascination and appreciation for each other. My close friends in Harajuku are a significant part of the global creative community, and they inform the decisions made in this curatorial experience. Tokyo is one of the world's most welcoming cities, and I hope this exhibition encourages travel, respect, and more collaborative projects with Los Angeles.
Aaron Fowler
Born 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Works in Los Angeles and St. Louis. Fowler received his BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2011 and MFA from Yale University in 2014. Fowler’s larger-than-life paintings, sculptures, and installations are made from discarded everyday items, and depict events and actions he wishes to manifest in his or his loved ones lives. Fowler also runs N2EXISTENCE, a community-based project supporting the arts in his hometown. His work has been exhibited at the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), New Museum (New York), Saatchi Gallery (London), and Salon 94 (New York), among others.
Alex Anderson
Born 1990 in Seattle, Washington, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles. Anderson received his BA in Studio Art and Chinese from Swarthmore College and his MFA in Ceramics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Influenced by Baroque aesthetics, Japanese Pop Art, and contemporary fashion and design trends, Anderson's ceramic works tackle larger issues of identity politics and sexuality in America. Anderson studied at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, China and was awarded a Fulbright Grant in affiliation with the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. His work has been exhibited at The Long Beach Museum of Art and American Museum of Ceramic Art.
April Street
Born in 1975 in Virginia, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles. Street studied bronze casting in central Italy and painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Street’s material experimentation communicates themes of exploration and mythology, and references historical movements such as second-wave feminism and 17th century Dutch still-life painting. Recent exhibitions include the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (USA), Various Small Fires (Los Angeles), and The Underground Museum (Los Angeles).
Devendra Banhart
Born in 1980 in Houston, Texas, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles. Most well known as a renowned musician who was a pioneer of the “freak folk” and “New Weird America” movements, painting and drawing has always existed symbiotically alongside his musical pursuits. He has performed at MoMA (New York), MoCA (Los Angeles), The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), LACMA (Los Angeles), and The Broad Museum (Los Angeles).
Erin Desmond
Born in 1985 and based in Los Angeles, California. Using photography, sculpture, installation, performance and somatic healing methodologies, Desmond creates experiences to bring about healing, connection, and reclamation of the feminine. Erin received a BA from UCLA, an MFA from Yale and completed additional studies at Somatic Experiencing International. She has exhibited work at the Flag Art Foundation (New York), Diane Rosenstein Gallery (Los Angeles), and Barcú (Bogotá, Colombia), among others.
Sayre Gomez
Born 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Gomez’s paintings, sculptures, and videos reference Hollywood set painting, commercial sign painting, and automotive airbrushing to address themes of perception and representation, often using the city of Los Angeles as a frequent setting and subject. Gomez holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. His works are held in the permanent collections of LACMA (Los Angeles), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), and the Rubell Family Collection (Miami).
Born in 1995 in Sparks, Nevada. Lives and works in Los Angeles and New York. AMADOUR is an independent curator, artist, writer, and musician who works with painting, sound, sculpture, and performance. As a writer for Frieze, The Brooklyn Rail, and Cultured Magazine, AMADOUR has interviewed artists, including George Condo, William Kentridge, and Julian Lennon. As a musician, they recently released their critically reviewed debut EP Western Movie Dream. They received dual BA degrees in studio art and art history from the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture in 2018. AMADOUR is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

この度Gallery COMMONでは、グループ展「SYNTH」を2023年7月1日から30日まで開催いたします。本展は、ロサンゼルスを拠点にするインディペンデントキュレーターAMADOURが手がけ、アーロン・ファウラー、アレックス・アンダーソン、エイプリル・ストリート、デヴェンドラ・バンハート、エリン・デズモンド、セイヤー・ゴメスの合計6名のアーティストによる作品を展示いたします。
1988年アメリカ、ミズーリ州セントルイス生まれ。ロサンゼルスとセントルイスを拠点に活動。ファウラーの人生より大きな(larger-than-life)絵画、彫刻、インスタレーションは、廃棄された日用品から作られ、自分自身や愛する人の人生に起きて欲しい出来事や行動を描いている。また、「N2EXISTENCE」という地元のアートを支援する地域一体型のプロジェクトも運営している。作品はこれまでハマー美術館(ロサンゼルス)、ニュー・ミュージアム(ニューヨーク)、Saatchi Gallery(ロンドン)、Salon 94(ニューヨーク)などで発表している。
1975年アメリカ、バージニア州生まれ。ロサンゼルス在住。ブロンズ鋳造を中央イタリアで、絵画をシカゴ芸術学院で学ぶ。ストリートは素材による実験を通じて、冒険や神話というテーマを思考し、さらには、第二波フェミニズムや17世紀オランダの静物画といった歴史的運動を参照して制作を行っている。最近の展覧会では、サンタ・バーバラ美術館(アメリカ)、Various Small Fires(ロサンゼルス)、The Underground Museum(ロサンゼルス)などがある。
1980年アメリカ、テキサス州ヒューストン生まれ。ロサンゼルス在住。バンハートは、2000年代の「フリーク・フォーク」と「ニュー・ウィアード・アメリカ」という音楽史のムーブメントの先駆者としてもっとも知られている著名なミュージシャンであるが、その音楽的追求の傍らで、ペインティングやドローイングも行ってきた。これまで、MoMA(ニューヨーク)、MoCA(ロサンゼルス)、 ハマー美術館(ロサンゼルス)、LACMA(ロサンゼルス)、The Broad Museum(ロサンゼルス)などで公演を行っている。
1985年生まれ。ロサンゼルスを拠点に活動。写真、彫刻、インスタレーション、パフォーマンス、ソマティック・ヒーリング(SE療法)の方法論を用いて、女性性の治癒、接続、回復をもたらすような体験を創り出す。UCLAで学士号、イェールで修士号を取得後、非営利団体Somatic Experiencing Internationalでさらに研究を重ねる。これまでフラッグ・アート財団(ニューヨーク)、Diane Rosenstein Gallery(ロサンゼルス)、Barcú(ボゴタ、コロンビア)などで作品を発表しています。
1995年アメリカ、ネバダ州スパークス生まれ。ロサンゼルスとニューヨークを拠点に活動。絵画、音楽、彫刻、パフォーマンスを手がけるインディペンデント・キュレーター、アーティスト、ライター、そしてミュージシャンでもある。雑誌『Frieze』『The Brooklyn Rail』『Cultured Magazine』のライターとして、ジョージ・コンド、ウィリアム・ケントリッジ、ジュリアン・レノンなどのアーティストにインタビューを行ってきた。ミュージシャンとしては、デビューEP『Western Movie Dream』を最近リリースし、評価を受けている。2018年にUCLAの芸術&建築学部で舞台美術と美術史の学士号を同時に取得。国際美術評論家協会(AICA)のメンバーでもある。