Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson (b. 1990, Seattle, Washington, USA) lives and works in Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Chinese from Swarthmore College and his Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Influenced by Baroque aesthetics, Japanese Pop Art, and contemporary fashion and design trends, Anderson's ceramic works tackle larger issues of identity politics and sexuality in America. Anderson’s Japanese, African-American, and gay identities form the basis of his practice. Playful and whimsical at first glance, Anderson’s works provide a deeper commentary on Western social perceptions of non-Western and minority forms. The classical aesthetics of the Western art canon which he incorporates in his sculptures ironically share space with queer and feminine aesthetics, while the medium of ceramic itself carries the history of imperialist trade between Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The smiling flowers and cute animals, inspired by Japanese pop art, serve as a nod to his heritage as well as a commentary on superficiality and perfection. By utilizing visual languages that reflect each of his many identities, Anderson is able to critique their histories of marginalization and fetishization to present a more complex, nuanced narrative.

Selected Artworks


Synth Curated by Amadour

Synth Curated by Amadour

1 Jul–30 Jul 2023


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Tokyo Gendai

7 Jul–9 Jul 2023
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Art Fair Tokyo

10 Mar–12 Mar 2023