Hiroto Ikeuchi

Born in 1990 in Tokyo, Hiroto Ikeuchi combines ready-made plastic models with industrial parts, separating the objects from their original context and imparting them with an entirely new value and meaning through their amalgamation. His work up until now has been influenced by both international and Japanese pop culture franchises from his childhood, such as Star Wars, Zoids and Gundam.

With the combination of internationally recognisable pop imagery and the distinctly Japanese model culture, his works simultaneously evoke a sense of nostalgia, whilst hinting at the near-future through a cyberpunk aesthetic. Nowadays, he produces works that are designed to be worn, with suits, headsets and gadgets created from industrial and technological materials. An important feature of Ikeuchi's work is how they operate on numerous levels, both as a product and a visually interesting artwork. When worn and experienced, the works offer a glimpse of new discoveries that are unique to the person and location, thereby providing a different experience than observation alone. Ikeuchi’s works can therefore be seen as a tool for communication, and present a wholly individual method of expression.

Selected Artworks


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Supper Club

25 Mar–30 Mar 2024
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Art Fair Tokyo 2024

8 Mar–10 Mar 2024
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Taipei Dangdai

20 May–22 May 2022
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Art Fair Tokyo 2022

11 Mar–17 Mar 2022