Matthew Stone

Matthew Stone was born in London in 1982 and lives and works in the Wye Valley, United Kingdom.

Stone uses technology and AI to create "digital paintings" that aim to disrupt  traditional ideas of what painting should be. Stone’s process begins with individual hand-painted brushstrokes rendered on glass. These strokes are photographed, cut out and then, using 3D software, stamped onto and draped around virtual 3D models that are occasionally birthed through AI. Culminating from years of experiments since 2015, his painterly and heroic figures, rendered in dramatic, almost religious compositions, seem to step out of history, onto organic linen and then into the metaverse. His abstract paintings of digitised brushstrokes resemble dance, recalling mystic nightclub performances that felt like modern ceremonies.

Selected Artworks


Human in the Loop

Human in the Loop

13 May–11 Jun 2023


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Supper Club Hong Kong

25 Mar–30 Mar 2024
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Art Fair Tokyo

10 Mar–12 Mar 2023