Past Exhibition



1 Oct–11 Oct 2020

Since beginning his artistic career in 2009, Tokyo-based artist TIDE has been enthusiastically pushing the boundaries of his monochrome world. Exploring the theme of childhood, TIDE's work presents a deceptively simple monochrome world of two-dimensional living creatures and three-dimensional objects.

Composed of a fine balance of layered painting techniques, both delicate and bold, the paintings depict the recurring motif of a cat character formed from beautiful outlines drawn with a single stroke, set against a spray-painted scene with a fantastical sense of unease. The calm and comfortable interior setting of TIDE's works are at odds with the sense of anxiety, simultaneously inviting the viewer into the private and intimate emotional space whilst reflecting the inner anxieties and chaos of the outside world. The familiarity of the domestic setting is reminiscent of interior scenes from the Intimism movement; however these tropes are updated to a modern setting with enigmatic imagery forming individual narratives that juxtapose the conflicting emotional states of comforting warmth and alarming disquiet.