Gallery COMMON is pleased to collaborate with Each Modern to announce the exchange exhibition IMAGRATION. The exhibition will take place in Tokyo and Taipei with two groups of contemporary artists curated by each gallery.

Gallery COMMON in Tokyo will be presenting an exhibition of 5 artists curated by Lan Chung-Hsuan: Chang TingTong, Antone Könst, Felix Treadwell, Tseng ChienYing, and Wu MeiChi.

Each Modern in Taipei will present in their space an exhibition of 5 Japanese artists curated by Gallery COMMON: IKEUCHI, Yukari Nishi, Keisuke Tada, Shohei Takasaki, and Kazuma Yamamoto.

The exhibition as a whole contemplates the free usage of the image and its potential consequences. The exhibition at Gallery COMMON in particular takes inspiration from the “remix” culture of Harajuku that the gallery has focused on for years. Drawing from the neighborhood’s history as a communal gathering spot where subculture and genre-crossing collaboration are celebrated, Lan Chung-Hsuan has curated a mix of international artists whose practices resonate with the values of Harajuku.