Past Exhibition

Setsuya Kurotaki, Ichi Tashiro


23 Dec–25 Dec 2022

Artist Ichi Tashiro and musician Setsuya Kurotaki (iiP) have teamed up to release a limited edition vinyl record and artwork box set of iiP’s EP, “Serendipity.” The EP was originally released on streaming platforms this spring, and was inspired by Tashiro’s solo exhibition of the same name, which was held at Gallery COMMON in Harajuku, Tokyo in March 2022.

Thanks to the love it received from fans, the track will now be released as a vinyl record in commemoration of the fateful collaboration between the 2 artists. Limited to an edition of 60, the polygonal transparent vinyl is a mini replica of one of the artworks from Tashiro’s exhibition, and can be played on a record player or displayed as an artwork.