Kosuke Ichikawa

Using experimental methods to create largely paper-based works, Japanese artist Kosuke Ichikawa’s process-based practice explores the existential anxiety of impermanence by highlighting the fragility and ephemerality of memories through both image and medium. Following a spontaneous relocation to New York at the age of thirteen, Ichikawa traversed the United States and Europe, encountering various architecture, music, and art that inspired him to begin independent study as an artist and painter. After returning to Japan, he continued his research and experimentation with materials, eventually devising his signature technique of using incense sticks to char washi paper, creating the series entitled “Scorch Paintings.”

His subsequent “Scrape Works” series, which recreates images from social media, are an offshoot of the same conceptual exploration of memory, but instead utilize paint and a layering/scraping process, representing Ichikawa’s unending investigation into ways of expressing the abstract, ungraspable nature of memory through material.

Selected Artworks


DELUSIONAL murmur (#003)

DELUSIONAL murmur (#003)

10 Feb–10 Mar 2024