DELUSIONAL murmur (#003)
Past Exhibition

Kosuke Ichikawa

DELUSIONAL murmur (#003)

10 Feb–10 Mar 2024

Gallery Common is pleased to present DELUSIONAL murmur (#003), a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Kosuke Ichikawa, from February 10 to March 10, 2024. The exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Ichikawa’s relentless exploration into the intricate relationship between memory, transience, and human connection, and will showcase works from Ichikawa's “Scorch Paintings”, or senkōga (線香画, lit. “incense paintings”) in which he uses incense to burn memories from daily life into paper, and his “Scrape Works” series, an introspective reflection on the relationship between memories and the alienating nature of mass media and social media.

Ichikawa’s artistic journey began as an attempt to find stability amidst an eventful and somewhat turbulent adolescence. While traveling across Japan, America, and Europe, Ichikawa began to keep notes and doodles of his memories as a way to record his memories amidst an ever-changing environment. As the habit morphed into a compulsive need, so too did Ichikawa’s obsession with discovering the perfect materials and methods to accurately depict his memories. The artist’s endless experimentation led him to the discovery of two processes which comprise the two series shown in the exhibition this time, his “Scorch Paintings (Senkōga)” and “Scrape Works”.