Represented Artist

Shohei Takasaki

Born in 1979 in Saitama, Japan, Shohei Takasaki lived in both Japan and Portland, USA before settling in Sydney, Australia where he now lives and works.

The underlying and consistent theme across Takasaki's body of work is the idea of comparison. Using an array of mediums ranging from oil pastels, charcoal, and paint to found objects and fabric, Takasaki often depicts a certain subject or motif in multiple styles to draw attention to the “in-betweenness” that arises from these juxtapositions.

“We can only perceive nature (the world without straight lines) in comparison to man-made buildings and divided roads (objects composed of straight lines). The reverse is also true. The theme of ‘comparison’ is fundamentally a very human act, which is why humans have developed to this point. Comparing oneself with others is a form of communication itself,” says Takasaki. By contrasting, for example, intense colors and strokes against graphic lines, or images of modern society against caricatures of prehistoric times, he asks the audience to question the seemingly contradictory combinations of self/other, domestic/foreign, inside/outside the body, native/foreign language, physical/online, real/virtual, past/future, life/death. By forcing opposites to interact within his pieces, Takasaki hopes to inspire re-evaluation and communication, be it compromise or furthered dialogue.

Selected Artworks


3 Hearts 9 Brains Blue Blood

3 Hearts 9 Brains Blue Blood

26 Nov–25 Dec 2022
Juxtapose, Arrange, Compare

Juxtapose, Arrange, Compare

2 Nov–11 Nov 2018


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Tokyo Gendai

7 Jul–9 Jul 2023
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Art Fair Tokyo 2023

10 Mar–12 Mar 2023
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Taipei Dangdai

20 May–22 May 2022
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Art Fair Tokyo 2022

11 Mar–17 Mar 2022