3 Hearts 9 Brains Blue Blood
Past Exhibition

Shohei Takasaki

3 Hearts 9 Brains Blue Blood

26 Nov–25 Dec 2022

From November 26 to December 25, 2022, Gallery COMMON is pleased to present 3 HEARTS 9 BRAINS BLUE BLOOD, a solo exhibition by Shohei Takasaki. The exhibition will feature a new series of fabric collage paintings and drawings that take inspiration from the world of clothing and couture, questioning our methods of self-expression and the values we place on art in contrast to fashion. This marks the artist’s second solo exhibition at Gallery COMMON since 2018.

Born in Saitama, Japan before relocating to Portland, USA and then Sydney, Australia, Takasaki’s practice has long been an inquiry into the illusion of binaries and an exploration into the gray area that lies between. In this exhibition, Takasaki uses fashion as a contrast to art, comparing the way that clothes hide the body with the way that paint hides the canvas.